Nexus 5X Discounted on Indian Google Play Store (Limited Period Offer)


The LG Nexus 5X was Google’s answer to all those nexus enthusiasts who believed in a compact and budget friendly yet powerful nexus device. The smartphone has been on sale in various countries for a while now but the Indian Play Store has decided to offer an additional $60 discount (approx 4000INR) on the current price of the device. The offer is inspired by the Indian festival of colors, named Holi and is only valid on purchases done till 27th March.


After the sizable discount on Google Play Store the device is priced very well compared to what some regional online giants are offering, its good to see Google making an effort to match the competition. Online pioneers in the country like Amazon India and Flipkart have been selling the device at around 24000INR for the 16GB Model while the 32GB version is priced at 29000INR. The current discount on Google Play Store can now finally make up the difference with current discounted prices at 23,900INR for 16GB and 27,900INR for the 32GB model. We hope Google maintains these prices for future too, but just in case you were looking to buy the Nexus 5X in India, this might be the best time to do so as along with the discount, the very first Android N preview is also available for the device.


  • Ram Dullur

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