Nexus 5X 16GB Unlocked selling at just $229 on Ebay


It’s definitely raining nexus this time of the year. Just yesterday the Nexus 9 tablet was on sale and after seeing several discounts previously from third party retailers as well as Google play store itself the Nexus 5X is now selling for just $229 on Ebay. The $229 price is actually beyond great, as the Nexus 5X has pretty decent specs and comes with a finger print scanner on the back. The $120 discount is only available on the Nexus 5X 16GB Variants, so it might not be for everyone as we know nexus line usually skips a memory card option, and to tell the truth 16 gigs aren’t enough anymore seeing how just the basic apps are comparatively large now days.


Not to say it isn’t a deal to take, if you can be okay with the 16GB storage then it’s by far the greatest deal you are going to get on this device. Another limitation is that this particular phone is version H791, it is the international or European version, which means you probably can’t use this phone on Verizon or Sprint due to the network bands. It’s essentially an unlocked GSM phone, with all supported bands for T-Mobile and AT&T, while no CDMA support.

The device will be shipped internationally too, however this will incur shipping charges.