HTC to manufacture Nexus devices for the next 3 years


The Taiwan based electronic giant HTC isn’t new to nexus devices, it manufactured the very first nexus ever built (HTC Nexus One) and since then has also made the nexus tablet in 2014 (HTC Nexus 9). However we didn’t see Google offering them another chance at a Nexus Smartphone until now and as it turns out they might have returned to stay a little longer than usual. In a recent discovery from the Chinese website Weibo (basically twitter of China) we have come to gather that HTC will be entering a long time contract with Google, this will make HTC the manufacturer of the nexus devices for the coming 3 years.¬†Like last year, there will be two nexus devices this year too. One with a 5Inch display and the other with 5.5Inch display. It’s nothing short of safe to assume the 5Inch model will be a bit cheaper and hence inferior on the specsheet too. At this point this isn’t official, but seeing that rumor mill already suggested the same in Jan 2016 we might see it happening after all.


HTC has been sinking in loses for a long time now, with Samsung and Huawei stealing the android realm. This might be a good chance for them to create something that can make them sale along while they actually make a in house beast to compete the likes of Samsung Galaxy S line. The most positive factor about this whole thing is that the nexus enthusiasts might be in for a beautifully build smartphone this year, as HTC hasn’t been shy to throw some unique ideas when it comes to making a smartphone. If we are lucky enough then we might even see the HTC Boom Sound finally coming to nexus smartphones this year, so lets keep our fingers crossed.