HTC Nexus 2016 Marlin & Sailfish Prices Hinted


The Nexus season is fast approaching, with a new product launch just a little more than a month ahead of us. Leaks have been popping from everywhere and today we nexus lovers will be amazed once again. At this point we already know a lot about the upcoming nexus devices for 2016 may it be the leaked specs, design or even the tentative launch dates. However today we have a new piece of information, which gives us the exact prices these smartphones might launch at.

From our internal sources in HTC it has been revealed that the Google Playstore will be selling the 2016 Nexus smartphones at a little higher but still very fair prices. The prices we have are supposed to be for the 32GB variants of both Marlin and Sailfish – The 32GB version of Nexus Marlin will be priced at $599 while the same storage option for the Sailfish will be priced at $449. At this point we don’t know what exact storage options are going to be made available once the official launch happens in October (tentative for now) but 64GB option looks strong even for the Nexus Sailfish this time around. At $449 the Nexus Sailfish is surely going to break some sales records and it might be safe to say that it will surpass the sale figures of the LG manufactured Nexus 5 from 2013.

Stay tuned for more updates and leaks.

  • Guido

    Wow but for a Nexus that is expensive… Maybe it’s time for Google to make a real and killer flagship phone with a flagship price.

    • Ismail Akram

      Time have changed now. I bought Nexus 6 for $700 that time now $550 for 6p.

  • Stephonz

    That is actually pricey..

  • Martijn

    I really don’t see the connection between it costing $449 at launch and it possibly breaking Nexus 5 sales records.

    When the Nexus 5 was introduced for $349 (16GB) and $399 (32GB), so if you don’t really care about the storage that’s a substantially cheaper phone.

    • canali

      i was all about moving up to the htc 10 or the new google for music loading..but that got solved by buying an ipod touch 6 128 gb and dragonfly red/chord mojo…so i have no need for an upgrade…still love my 3 yr old LG nexus 5 for occasional browsing, emails and phone calls…but i will keep my eyes open for the new upcoming tablets.

  • NinoBr0wn

    6P it is lol

    • kirko77

      That’s too easy

    • Christopher Evert

      Too big for men. Need a purse for a phone that big. Needs to fit in office appropriate pants pockets.

      • Lonerwithaboner420

        I’ve got a 6P and it fits in my pockets just fine

        • Christopher Evert

          With a username like “loner with a boner” I’d suggest that’s
          a) not saying much for your boner, and
          b) not saying much for your pants – and might even explain the “alone” part.

          With apologies for your personal limitations and personal tolerances, for the rest of us who are employed with jobs that require sitting or moving (much less a professional decorum that precludes having a tablet pressing a rectangle out of your pants), it’s too big.

          • Lonerwithaboner420

            Hilarious. I do have a desk job though and it works just fine for me.

          • moonpuncher

            hey man u bein a butt hole

          • Christopher Evert

            I think it’s more a case that you don’t have a sense of humor.
            Clearly he does.
            (evidence: his user name)
            (evidence: his response)
            Don’t have such a thin skin. Try to smile once in a while.

      • Simon Tyler

        Agreed. The only reason I went from N5 to iPhone 6s last year was because I prefer a sub 5″ phone with premium power. The only other option is the sony phones, google keep making the smaller phone less powerful…shame, the N5 was a good phone. I have to get my android experience from the pixel c and deal with the different os from apple. Quite irritating that they bring a premium phone out that is the size of a head!

        • Christopher Evert

          I had an S5 which was a great phone, but was time for an upgrade.

          Ended up going to a Nexus 5x which has been a downgrade in many personal and professional ways (no swappable battery, no swappable storage, no more wireless charging, no more water resistance), but at least lets me try Google’s new Fi service – I couldn’t accept downgrading in all ways.

          I’d had also considered the S7 but on principle, I’m not supporting a company making moves to manufacturing “wannabe iPhones”, with shock-transferring metal bodies (hello cracked screens!) that block all signals (and require useless engineering like “antenna lines” to work around that fundamental defect) because teenage girls want a phone to use as jewelry rather than the professional functionality that used to drive the segment.

          The S7 is a step back in the right direction with swappable storage, but still has a risk-inflicting metal body that also precludes battery swapping – a necessity for work travel days that often involve 5am airport arrivals and heavy usage (including navigations) from there.

          The moment a real replacement for my previous S5 exists – that doesn’t involve downgrades – I’ll buy it – perhaps even the same day of release. And I know I’m not alone.

      • NinoBr0wn

        You sound silly as hell

      • jawz101

        I agree. Seems like they’re simply making phones longer now to fit in a Google Cardboard/Samsung VR headset… which I’ll never use.

    • Mason Andrew Maseda

      For real. Google use to be all about the customer. Wtf is with this price.

      • Ryan Dailey

        Buy something else then. They are relatively the same as last years price. Or you could wait for a price drop… At the end of they day they are giving you top end for less too.

        • David Diehl

          Mason has a point though w/ 1+3 available for $399

        • Mason Andrew Maseda

          Wait for a price drop? Lol. By that time the next Nexus will be out. That is damn near iPhone price. Witch is one of the reasons I found my love for Android back in my jellybean days.

          • Ryan Dailey

            Then shut up… They aren’t forcing you to buy it, there are plenty of other options. IPhones bottom line price is barely in that range. Also, welcome to 2016 where ardroid has all price ranges, high and low.

            You argument is like complaining that a Tesla costs the same as a high end sports car. Different strokes for different folks my friend.

        • Mason Andrew Maseda

          The new Nexus 64gb version should be $50 more than what my Nexus 6P 64gb costed me at launch day. Not to mention the leaks show that the new Nexus uses the Same exact body as the HTC 10 all they did was take some left over HTC dummys and stuff Nexus in.

      • David Diehl

        Heard that Mason, if that’s the price I might just grab a 1+3

  • Ari

    Wow 449?? That’s highway robbery. I’m probably gonna upgrade to the 6P then,especially since it looks pretty damn superior to the builds shown of these.

    • MaxPower27

      Except we haven’t actually seen these phones yet. The only “builds” we’ve seen so far were made by a fan site. Just chill out until the official announcement.

  • Matt Spencer

    Last year specs for this year price. No thanks. I’ll stick with my 6p for another year I guess. I knew this was going to happen when the HTC 10 was released for $700

    • MaxPower27

      “Last year specs,” eh? You mean besides the processor and RAM, the two specs that people tend to care about the most?

    • Tsunami


  • Simon Quach

    If for $600 I’ll wait 6 months to get it…I’m still very happy with my 6P.

  • Branye

    $599 for a 32 GB and supposedly there’s not gonna be a 64GB option so either pay $599 for 32GB (32 is a joke) or pay a probable rape price for a 128 GB, the 6P’s 32 GB was $499 so thats a $100 price difference and if were using the same math than this years “Marlin” 128GB will be $749 (6P was 649) such a price for such a minor improvement but, if I like what I see I’ll have no option but to pay for the 128 Im hoping there will be a 64GB option cuz having 32 or 128 is basically the same as choosing between 16 or 64

    • MaxPower27

      I love how “rape” has come to mean “this thing is priced more expensively than I would like.”

      • CHiSEEN

        $100 for 96GB of probably cheap-o TLC flash chip storage (or possibly even cheaper quad layer chips if they are out by then) is not “priced more expensively than I would like.” Its more like making apple level profit margins while procreating with user’s wallets. Rape sounds just about right.

  • WalkerPAranger

    I would love to see a Google branded phone with respectable specs at a price of $295. If they would ust go for respectable at an honest price, they’d see record sales.

    • BreadFish64

      It’s called the 5x

      • WalkerPAranger

        Yes, I own 2 of them. But the 5x didn’t come out at that price. I’m talking price at launch.

    • Ryan Dailey

      They obviously are trending to the “premium” side of the spectrum not bottom end. Though it would be nice if they did that, they never will in the nexus line.

      Its not always about unit sales either, that would be like Samsung selling the Note7 for $600. That phone would sell like no other phone ever. But at significantly less profit per unit.

      • WalkerPAranger

        I think we’re in agreement. I think they take care of the high-end if these prices are correct and they’ve made efforts in the low end in countries like India (forget the name of that project) but it would be nice for a middle of the road respectable phone at a price closer to $300.

  • Mason Andrew Maseda

    Yea… No. I’ll stick with my Nexus 6P.. what happened to Google. Seriously. That’s ridiculous.

  • PR.Love

    Breaking sales at the 2 new Nexus one starting at $599 excluding taxes and the other $449 excluding taxes!!! Get the fuck out of here. Google you can keep your high price Nexus and stick it up your ass!!!

    • Ryan Dailey

      Boo hoo… go buy one of the other various phones then. Perhaps an $850 dollar Note7? Or similarly priced iPhone?

      • PR.Love

        Fuck you Little Bitch!! You go buy a $900 note dumbass

        • Ryan Dailey

          Lol highly uncalled for. I wasn’t the one complaining about the price, if you don’t like it don’t buy it. You have the one+3, axon7, nexus 5x, honor 5x, xiaomi mi5 pro, as well as any other premium phone that costs the same as this phone.

          I don’t know why you are expecting google to make the same things as its competitors at a significantly lower price.

          Also, I would and could buy a Note no problem, but I don’t like it and its massive price doesn’t justify a purchase from me. I’d rather have a 128gb marlin if I’m gonna spend that much anyway.

  • OneOkami

    If Marlin starts at $599 then HTC/Google are gonna have a tough sell with me, especially if the phone lacks front facing stereo speakers. I’m not exactly eager to retire my Nexus 6P just yet.

    • Ismail Akram

      6p is awesome but with worst audio output from headphone jack.


    You would think they learned after how badly the Nexus 6 tanked… People in the market for Nexus phones buy Nexus phones for 2 reasons:

    1 – Pure Android experience
    2 – Competitve price

    Mainly for reason 2 though…

  • Anand Hariharan

    I’ll stick with my 5x for another year or buy an iPhone 6s after 7 is launched. HTC never learns. Always goes for premium pricing and burns self.

    • Goran

      Compare 5x sailfish will offer much more and I expect it to be much better phone. Though lower price is always better.

    • NinoBr0wn

      You think HTC priced these phones?

  • umar abbouchi

    i have the money for a new phone i have the nexus 6 but was wondering should i buy the nexus 6p or marlin

  • umar abbouchi

    i have the money for a new phone i have a nexus 6 but was wondering should i get nexus 6p or wait for the marlin

    • WalkerPAranger

      If you have the $ you might as well wait. This story could be wrong on price and there’s always a pay off for waiting for the newest model.

      • umar abbouchi

        ok ill wait it is

  • Guilherme Pata

    The only good reason not to buy the OnePlus 3 over the Nexus will be software, but a lot of people would just ROM both phones either way…

  • Goran

    50$ less would be perfect. We’ll see if these prices are real. I do expect these 2 to be best nexuses ever. Sailfish for sure. I just hope they managed to save front facing speakers.

  • Iuli S. George

    “However today we have a new piece of information, which gives us the exact prices these smartphones might launch at.”
    This is the EXACT price that phones MIGHT launch at?

    • NinoBr0wn

      lol rumors are fun ain’t they?

  • TheTruth

    these lil kids complaining about $600 while galaxy note 7 is about $800…

    • DanielT

      And then again the Note 7 has a stylus, Iris scanner, UFS 2.0 storage + all Samsung proprietary technologies which of course cost money.

      • Ismail Akram

        Marlin will have UFS 2 too better sound from headphones competitive camera but $250 less – most of gimmicks

        • DanielT

          Some of the “gimmicks” are now the main advantages of Android 7 over 6. VR support – Samsung had this long before Nexus Android devices, starting with Note 4. Multi Window? Introduced 5 years ago. Vulkan APIs? Already supported on Galaxies. Dual-SIM? This was never available on a Nexus device before the launch of Android One. I would say pretty much of the “gimmicks” proved to be actually important enough to make their way to the Nexus devices. Years later, of course. : )

          • Ismail Akram

            Sorry my bad I actually wanted to say note 7 have a lot of gimmicks and Nexus have none. Like no iris scanner or waterproofing or s pen. Some times gimmicks are refer to things unique to a device. I admire Nexus more in overall experience but I admire note in term of innovation. At the moment it seems note 7 have not great performance doesn’t match performance with $850 and other is sound.

  • HTCthe1st&Best

    If its only the 820 processor it makes more sense to get the Htc 10 and get an sd card slot plus Uh protection plus the Htc 10 you can get $100 off also. If they are going to use last years out of date 820 processor on the marlin then I say why bother get the Htc 10 instead.

  • frostmore

    with that pricing, they better have an sdcard slot that kind of prices!!!

  • Kris

    Would be a huge step backward to not have wireless charging, after N5 and N7 I’ve become lazy