Google’s Custom Live Cases for Nexus Review


As you might already know, Google revealed a new line of cases for the Nexus 5X and 6P known as live cases. Well the idea seemed great when it came out but we decided to take some time before finally deciding is it worth the hype and the premium price it’s being sold at.


The price being $35, the cases are pretty basic in terms of build. The case reviewed is a matte-finish Live Places case with a custom image of the island of Manhattan on it and it’s about the same quality of plastic as a $10 case you can get from Amazon. The ports and buttons are unobstructed and there’s a slight lip on the front to prevent screen damage when the phone is placed face down, but otherwise it’s a pretty typical hard plastic case. The NFC shortcut button is also a bit of a letdown, as it only works when pressed really hard on the case, making it virtually impractical in everyday use.

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On the other hand, the live wallpaper that comes with the case is a map that follows one around as they go to different places, which is actually pretty cool. So what do you fellas think ? Are you willing to invest your money it in after knowing the real deal.

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