Google reveals Customized Live Cases for Nexus devices


The idea of a customized case isn’t something new, but what about a customized live case ? Yes Google has revealed a new product for it’s beloved nexus smartphones. The live cases are only available for Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X at least for now, so if you happen to have one of those you can buy a live case from Google’s Store itself. The whole idea is to give the users more control over their cases, with them being personalized with Images or Map locations.

After you pick the image or place, you can add filters (dozens are available). When you buy a Live Case you also get a live wallpaper based on the image or map you used for it. If you’ve chosen a photo for the case, then you’ll see a slideshow of images you’ve picked from Google Photos. If you went with the map option for the case, the live wallpaper will show your whereabouts. The Live Cases come with a customizable button. By default, this will launch your camera app if you’ve used a photo for the customization, or it will show you what’s nearby in Google Maps if you’ve gone with a place.