Google Nexus 5 Android N Update


Google recently published and article on their Nexus support page regarding android software update and security patches status. In the article it was listed that when the software updates support for specific nexus devices will end and it gave many nexus 5 enthusiasts a sense of disappointment regarding the future updates. However if we consider things on the positive side then there might still be hope for the nexus 5 regarding android N update release that is due later this year.

Device No guaranteed Android version updates after
Nexus 6P September 2017
Nexus 5X September 2017
Nexus 9 October 2016
Nexus 6 October 2016
Nexus 5 October 2015
Nexus 7 (2013) July 2015
Nexus 10 November 2014

In the article it is clearly mentioned under the Android version updates tab that a certain nexus will receive software updates for “For at least two years from when the device became available on the Google Store” which puts the nexus 5 out of the time frame, but it doesn’t say that Google might not support it after the period of 2 years. The tab listed as Security patches mentions the updates to go as far a 3 years from the initial release which means that we are looking at October 16 for these updates when the nexus 5 is considered, but there are no guaranteed updates for software versions after Marshmallow. We still might see Google surprising us as we have already seen the nexus 5 in the Android source code page from earlier this year. It surely deserves it as we mentioned earlier.

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