Google Nexus 2016 by HTC, get’s a first 3D Render


The designers at Techconfigurations, who come up with similar videos for other unreleased mobile products, took Android Police’s Nexus render and created a 3D version of it. One detail the YouTube channel got wrong concerns the headphone jack, as both devices are expected to have a 3.5mm port for standard headphones. Everything else is in line with the previous reports. We’re looking at what appears to be a slim, metal design that features an annoying detail: a rather large piece of glass on the back of the handset, that’s unlike anything we’ve seen in a phone to date. Well, not counting really old handsets like this one.

Let’s see how it turns out to be. Meanwhile, feel free to drop them views in the comments section.

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  • chadwick

    I’m still in line for the 6p price to drop another 100$, as much as I love my Nexus phones, my Shamu is still pretty much all I essentially need. Plus its paid in full, no conrracts, performs as well as it has since 2014, and cosmetically it’s a very durable device. One of my favorite pros about the Nexus line is I never see anyone else who has one. Its a rare sight in a sea of Galaxy’s and iPhones to find another Nexus owner.

    • Howard Stern ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      thats why i love my Nexus phones too. I hate when people spew the Nexus-fanboy comments. No one has them. The ones that do, love them. Its what android is supposed to be. I love my 6P, the price is 400 bucks right now, however you are going to be missing out on any Daydream stuff if you get the 6P. I have a frost white one….its the best phone on the market.