Android N Developers Preview 4 – Changes & Features


Android N is nearing its summer launch with Developer Preview 4. While Developer Preview 3 was the first beta version stable enough for use as a daily driver, this preview is meant to get third-party developers ready to publish Android N-compatible apps. It features final APIs and the official SDK, as well as the ability for developers to publish apps to devices running Android N.



Those who have already enrolled in the Android Beta Program will get an OTA update soon, but if you’re impatient you can download new factory images right now. A complete list of all the changes in Developer Preview 4 is being updated below…

  • Android N final APIs : Developer Preview 4 includes the final APIs for the upcoming Android N platform. The new API level is 24.
  • Play publishing : You can now publish apps that use API level 24 to Google Play, in alpha, beta, and production release channels.
  • Easter Egg : The Easter Egg has been added and as Android VP Dave Burke jokingly suggested “Namey McNameface” on stage and the Easter Egg in DP4 has been updated to reflect that.


  • Time is now 7:00 in Demo Mode ; In Android N Developer Preview 4, the time is set to 7:00,  which might hint Android N will be version 7.0.




  • MHS

    I noticed the time on one of the demos at I/O was 7:00 as well.