Android N Developer Preview 2


Android N Developer Preview is already running on several latest nexus devices, and now Google has released the 2nd Developer Preview. Starting April 14th 2016 the factory images are live, and are available to flash in case you are curious, however the preview isn’t something you use on your regular phone as it comes with bugs. While technically this is the third developer preview release for Android N, the second one came immediately after the first and was only meant to fix some bugs.

As for the changes here, there aren’t many but still we do have some new features. They are listed below.

  • Apps can define intent shortcuts, which users can then add to their launcher to get stuff done quicker.
  • Emoji Unicode 9 support is baked in too, which means people emoji will look more human. There are also skin tone variations built in, and Unicode 9 glyphs such as bacon, selfie, and face palm.
  • A new 3D rendering API called Vulkan should help developers offer “a significant boost in performance for draw-call heavy applications.
  • Clear All option for recent apps.
  • Put separate wallpapers on Home Screen and Lock Screen.
  • Play YouTube / Video in Multi-window mode.

If you are already on Android Developer Preview, then the update will be coming to you via OTA shortly. If you want to start testing now, just go here and enroll one of your Nexus or Pixel devices in the Android Beta Program.

  • Beshar

    The most important part is that you can use YouTube in multi window now!