Android N to debut early according to Google’s VP


As you all know Google has started to do things a little differently this year, the company switched to the umbrella corp Alphabet, released Android N preview two months earlier than the usual time-frames and is also providing OTA .Zips for users to flash directly. All this makes us satisfied enough to assume that what we are going to tell you might be more than just a rumor as¬†Google’s VP of engineering Dave Burke went on stage to confirm that the Android N release date time-frame is ‘later this summer’.

The news has originated from one of the most reputed sources in the mobile industry “PhoneArena” and hence it may hold some weight after all. At this point, the Android N Developers Preview 3 is ready to be downloaded and flashed on a eligible device. Google also mentioned that this release can be installed on your daily device as it seems stable enough, which makes us believe that android N is very close to being finalized.


  • Techstro

    Do I have to do a full wipe to flash the zip?

    • No, its not necessary

      • Techstro

        Even if my bootloader is unlocked and I have a custom recovery?

        • Root ?

          • Techstro

            Kinda sorta, that is to say…yeah!

          • Sometimes OTA’s break Root, rest you are good to go.

          • Techstro

            You’re a genie! Maybe even a genius, but definitely a genie! Thanks!

          • All Set for you ?

          • Techstro

            Yeah, I haven’t updated since I got it (the 6p). I think I’m gonna hold out till N gets here. Then I’ll flash the zip, like you said!

          • Sounds good, all the best

          • Techstro