With the launch of Google Nexus One, Android showed it’s true colors and since then there have been many Nexus devices from various manufacturers. While some didn’t make the news, recently we have seen the brand get a refreshed interest among Android users and hence Nexus Blog (www.nexusblog.net) was created. Nexus isn’t just a device or a brand, it is freedom to its users, freedom to unlock the unlimited possibilities the Android OS has to offer and we wish to be the voice of this idea.

With the Nexus line expanding it’s popularity each year, we want to create a portal that speaks for all the Vanilla Android lovers, people who give up crafted features to get the real Android experience Google created. A place where you can find any and everything you will ever need to know about a Nexus device. Our database is wide, like our approach and hence we hope to bring together people from all over the world to support us (Nexus Blog Team) in making a unique community we never had.


Disclaimer :  Nexus Blog is an independent website that is not endorsed or affiliated by Google in any way. Nexus Brand & Android are a Trademark of Google Inc. until notified otherwise.


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