5 Inch HTC Nexus 2016 might be an upgraded One A9


The rumor comes out of the blue, but might be a pleasant one to those who love to have their nexus phones at 5′ Inches display. A new report from a Chinese source suggests that HTC who is most likely Google’s partner for the 2016 nexus devices is working on an upgraded One A9 to be the Nexus 2016 (the smaller and affordable one). The specification bump will happen on the processor front but which processor ? We don’t know yet. At this point we advise our readers to take this news with a huge pinch of salt until we can have a more solid leak about the topic.

The Email we received from the sources based in China is quoted below and it translates to – One A9 to be upgraded as Nexus 2016 small



Other things like the Camera, Battery, Display and Storage options are most likely to be copied from the A9 which makes us wonder about the Micro SD card slot finally coming into play. We already saw the Adaptive storage feature in the Android and since then it has raised a question that why wouldn’t Google use it on its nexus brand. If this turns out to be true we might see a huge raise in sales figure of nexus devices and Micro SD slot’s still means a lot to majority smartphone buyers. Another recent post from Knowyourmobile suggests that the HTC-made Nexus handsets are currently being tested running Android N with a full implementation of the previously rumoured pressure-sensitive touch display, which is most likely the case to be in the larger nexus according to us. Stay tune for more info on this topic as it develops and let us know what you think about the HTC One A9 based Nexus 2016 with a 5′ Inch display in the comments section below.

  • notfadedone

    Awesome! I want a even better big nexus… Loving the 6P

    • TheJunkie

      I think this one is a 5″ phone. It won’t be hard to better the 5x, since it really blows. The thing was marginally better than the 5:(
      6p is nice though, if I only use a purse or have pockets that big?

      • jonv

        I dunno, the camera is vastly better then the Nexus 5.

        • TheJunkie

          It can’t get worse for sure:-D How much better is a matter of personal opinion, of course:)

          • jonv

            Maybe, but it’s vastly better. Also, the 5X doesn’t “blow”. The fingerprint sensor is better than any fingerprint sensor that came before it. The processor is fine. If you disable encryption of the file system, all lag problems disappear (at least, no worse than on the Nexus 5). The screen is “better” than the Nexus 5, though the Nexus 5 had the best screen available for any android phone when it came out (at least in terms of color accuracy), and the 5X is slightly more color accurate. I LOVE the ceramic buttons on my N5, but after using the 5X for a while, I like its button placement better. As far as software, its’ the same software, so nothing really to compare there.

      • notfadedone

        I had the five so Ik what you mean!

  • Nikhil Kalra

    Excited! hopefully we get wireless charging back in business and metallic uni body design with AMOLED screen.
    No reasons for any one to look for Galaxy’s or any other vendor!

    • Greyhame

      Wireless charging doesn’t work in a metal frame.

      • Nikhil Kalra

        True, thrown in some glass + metal like S6,7.

      • backslashV